Mario Sings About A ‘Fatal Distraction’ in New Song! Listen Here!

Mario Sings About A ‘Fatal Distraction’ in New Song! Listen Here!

Mario Fatal-DistractionMario‘s voice is so smooth!

The R&B singer has released his new track “Fatal Distraction” and brings out his top of the notch falsetto notes! The single is off his upcoming album Evolve while will be dropping in October. 

In the sad love song, Mario emotionally sings about a woman who does not want him the way that he wants her:

“I’ve been wondering, if you think of me or the ways I think of you
If the shoe was on the other foot, would it be a pair or two
I’ve been wondering if I’d played my cards, would they just fold?
If you take the chance and show your hand, we gotta play no more”

Aww, poor guy! If Mario just serenaded her, we’re sure that he would have won her over LOL!

Interestingly enough, Mario has actually had a fatal distraction and told Cocoafab this earlier in the year:

“Yeah I have. Wow. It was my ex-manager’s ex-girlfriend. So it was a really bad situation. And that sort of influenced this song a little bit.”

Yes that sounds like a pretty bad situation! Not as crazy as Simon Cowells situation with his ex best friend’s wife, but still pretty awkward Lol. 

Listen to the track below:

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